Cruising life so Far


What an experience so far, all I can say is I am loving the cruising life!!!

IMG_3685My first two trips were with P&O. I headed off to Sri Lanka to catch the Adonia. This ship is the smallest of the fleet it holds around 600 passengers. She’s a wee beauty!

Usually when flying internationally you are flown the night before just in case you are required to perform the day you join the ship. We are always very well looked after and have someone to pick us up when landing and flying out! Just to make sure we don’t get lost and are safe at all times.

Lucky I did arrive the day before as when boarding the ship I was informed I was singing that night. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! No time to freak out just had to get on with it.  We didn’t leave until 6pm that night so during rehearsals everything was still. Come 6pm when we started moving and I FREAKED OUT! Oh did I forget to mention THIS WAS MY FRIST CRUISE. Luckily I didn’t get sea sick the entire time but the rocking sensation was just a strange feeling and a nice reminder we weren’t on land anymore.IMG_3692

The Adonia doesn’t have a theatre persay but it has a lovely lounge with a jazz feel to it. This made my performances more personal and I could have more fun with the audiences. Having been used to performing on the street I love seeing people’s faces so this suited me just fine.

I worked with a 5 piece band who are just amazing musicians! So friendly and made me feel so comfy on stage. Its really good working with great players as they always have your back and are ready for anything.

First show went down like a treat!!! With performing on cruises you have two main shows, you perform twice in one night. Usually at 830pm and repeat the same show 1030pm. This is due to different dinner sittings. It makes sure everyone has a chance to see who is performing that night.

IMG_3683When you are not rehearsing/performing the time is yours. Sun bathing, sleeping, eating, gyming, reading and going to the shows is how you spend your days. I don’t know how I am surviving. What is great doing this for a job is you get to meet so many other amazing performers and interesting people.  Peter Pipper (comedian) and Martin Woodward (guest speaker) were the two headliners on the ship with me. Talk about funny and interesting lives.  The dancers and singers on the Adonia were also amazing! They didn’t perform when I was on but I got to know them really well. Absolutely lovely crew.


I also joined the quiz team, it was boys v girls. WOW did the lads get upset when we started to catch up. This is thanks to Tom (entertainment team) with his year of the 90s questions mainly for me to answer! We were on a roll

Second show approached quiet fast as I was only on this ship for 5 days. We did a variety show which meant I was to fill a 20min slot and they would fill the rest. Last minute changes to my second show (extra stress) as I wasn’t too happy with how I was singing a couple of the songs but it was worth it in the end! Everyone seemed to enjoy my singing and performance which lead to me feeling very confidant.

We arrived in Maynmar (not many ships have entered this country as I believe they have just opened up to the public) to which we were escorted off to the airport after some confusion of who we were, staff or passengers? Beautiful country, if you do ever have the chance to visit put it on your list.



For the first cruise I was left wanting more so luckily I had the Aurora in a weeks time!



After a week at home (which was recovery time from jet lag) I was off to Brisbane to catch the AURORA. Only a three hour flight this time. I arrived the same day as I was joining so luckily I was not performing that night!

We couldn’t join the ship until 2pm so I headed off to get a coffee of which I was in dyer need of. I ran into a friend Tim Beveridge who was disembarking that day. Having just performed the night before he informed me the theatre sound was broken!!! WHAT….But they were onto it and should hopefully be fixed that night.

This ship is double the size of my first one around 1800 passengers. It took me 3 days to find my way around it.


We left later than what was schedule due to fixing the sound. I was on this cruise IMG_3869for 10 days and due to perform the 4th night which meant I had time to relax and enjoy myself. Every day I met up with a head line entertainer Cheryl Sinclair, we would have lunch and dinner together and attend the shows. She was my rock on the ship we had so much fun!

Franisco who was also on the ship joined us some times as well. We were basically the Three Amigos always together and having a good time.

My night was up and they had decided to put me on a formal night which meant all the passengers were to wear suit & tie and dresses. Everyone looked fabulous! I received a fantastic response from the audience and I couldn’t wait to start my second show. Performing at 1030 is tough but with the adrenaline of being on stage gets you through.


IMG_3834On this cruise we had one port to get off at. The beautiful Whitsundays. WOW this is a stunning place in Australia. BUT MAN it was so HOT! We found a bar and got a really good Australian feed before heading back on the ship for 7 DAYS AT SEA! To be honest I did start to lose my mind. It was hard looking out every morning and only seeing ocean and the odd island.

The second time around when I performed we were down a musician due to illness but being a bigger ship we had a couple more to work with. The Adonia I had a 5 piece and the Aurora had a 7piece band. The lads were so funny and just enjoyed a good laugh.

Final show done and it was another successful performance! What I love about performing is getting a reaction from the audience and seeing what certain songs mean to them.

Us three entertainers had finished our official duties on the ship so there was only one thing to do and that was to head out for dinner to one of the FANCY restaurants on board to celebrate. With cruising there are all these different places you can eat. The buffet, the grill, tipping restaurants and then restaurants where you pay (a brand like Jamie Oliver)

The staff on board both these liners were outstanding and loved a good laugh. When going to get a midnight feed (after my shows) I could always be guaranteed some good banter from the waiters.

One of the weirdest feelings is going to bed one day and waking up in a different country the next. We had arrived at Manila Philippines AMAZING! We stayed on the ship until our taxi was there to take us to the airport. After a 14 hr flight home via Hong Kong I  had arrived back in New Zealand!IMG_3914

Needless to say I am loving the cruising life so far. Meeting all the wonderful people and entertainers out there and just living life.  I am now preparing for my next ship …wait for it…. THE QUEEN ELIZABETH! Oh YEAH…. BRING ON CHINA