6 Cruises, 9 countries, countless hours spent at various airports waiting patiently for yet another flight and it has all come to an end but what a journey it was.

This is going to be a short blog talking about the highlights of my travels rather then what I did day by day as to be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur.

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Ventura, Arcadia & Adonia were the three ships I spent my time on. I thoroughly enjoyed going back on the Arcadia having performed on her at the beginning of the year and catching up with all the crew. I LOVE the theatre!!!! Ventura was a new ship for me, there was a lot to do with more people to meet. The Bluejays and Octaves are just a couple of amazing acts I got to spend time with. Adonia was my first ever cruise and it was great to be able to do a show on her before she heads off on her new adventure and to say goodbye to all the crew. One of the highlights of cruising (apart from performing) is being able to meet so many interesting and amazing entertainers and crew. The staff on these ships are exceptional from sound, lighting, entertainment team to all the cleaning and kitchen staff! And I have had many laughs with them all. Also, side note – sea sickness tablets are a life saver!

I headed back to Ireland for a week after my first cruise where most of this time was spent resting having lost my voice (obviously this was not from talking too much). I did however catch up with a lot of friends and retrace my busking footsteps. Kieran the Brown Thomas, Door man is still greeting people with his infectious smile and welcoming personality.

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There have been so many amazing places I have been lucky enough to visit. Oporto with its stunning architecture and beautiful tiling. Gythion, a seaside town with its untouched beauty, I can still smell the fresh fish and octopus. Corfu for its surprisingly amazing shopping! and of course Valencia with its take on old and new architecture siting perfectly together.

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With any free time I had I made sure I got to see some of the United Kingdom’s sites. Brighton & Edinburgh are such amazing cities I really wish I had visited these places when I lived over here. I caught up with The Guinness Garglers who I met busking in Grafton Street 5 years ago & Linda and Bob who are friends from past cruise ships. We spent a lovely day driving through the Lake District and then onto Blackpool. Manchester, Stratford on Avon and Oxford were all on the list but unfortunately we got stuck in Blackpool due to an untimely bout of food poisoning. After a day and a half to recover we had to detour straight to Bath! It was amazing heading back to Bath catching up with the buskers and also walking around remembering my time spent there. I love that city. Now I couldn’t do a trip during world cup time without heading to an All Black game. We headed to Cardiff on a day trip where we encountered thousands of other kiwis supporting the boys in black for their game against Georgia. The Millennium Stadium is amazing and definitely now on my list of places to sing.

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Another highlight for me was watching the Wales v South Africa game on the Ventura with all the Welsh. Man they are passionate about rugby, maybe even more so than us Kiwis! Of course any time the AB’s were playing I made sure I was wearing my jersey around the ship to show my patriotism and participate in a bit of banter with the Brits.


I always tell people sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time and thankfully this again happened for me. I met a wonderful guest speaker and his wife on the first ship which has now lead to me performing at a prestigious event in London, The Royal Legions Poppy Ball. You never know who is watching!!!

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With a lot of laughs, gelato and fun in the sun I have had another amazing trip. I am very thankful to be able to do what I love and see the world at the same time. As much as I do love it, one of my favourite things about travelling is that it always reminds me how much I appreciate home. I am very much looking forward to getting back for my morning walks on Takapuna beach, enjoying the NZ summer, catching up with friends and family and holding my baby niece for the very first time!

I hope you have enjoyed all my photos and updates on Facebook.

Thanks for reading my blog.